1Mark Rosenfeld has a 15 year experience in handling DUI cases. He was an apprentice at the Public Defender’s office in San Diego before ventured into private practice. Since he joined the DUI Defense Group in 2003, Mark has practiced driving related defense law to which he handled countless numbers of DUI cases.

He received certification and training from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and International Association of Chiefs of Police. He also served as a Judge Pro Tem where he heard small claims and matter.

Areas of Practice:

  • DUI Defense
  • Driving Related Defense

Mark Rosenfeld’s Work History and Achievement’s:

  • Education
    • D., California Western School of Law, ABA/AALS, 1999
    • Certificated, Harvard Law School Program of Instruction for Lawyers, 2004
    • A., University of California, Santa Barbara, 1996
    • Bar Admissions
      • United States Supreme Court
      • California Supreme Court
      • Nevada Supreme Court (Inactive)
      • Legal Memberships
        • California DUI Lawyers Association
        • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
        • California Public Defenders Association
        • Beverly Hills Bar Association
        • Los Angeles County Bar Association
        • National College of DUI Defense
        • Legal Experience
          • Judge Pro Tem, (2005 to 2006)
          • The DUI Defense Group, (2003-2010)
          • Fredrickson, Mazeika & Grant LLP, (1999-2003)
          • San Diego Public Defender, (1998)

Learn more about Mark Rosenfeld by checking out his profile at http://www.mrduila.com/mark-rosenfeld